Today’s Sun

The Sun 05th May 2013

The Sun 05th May 2013

sun0004 13-05-05 09-28-53 - cropped 2

The two images of the Sun above were taken this morning between 10-11am from home in London. As before, these were obtained using a 72mm refractor and a white light ‘Herschel’ wedge. They were both aquired by recording a short movie clip (about 1 minute long) using an Imaging Source astronomy camera and then stacked and processed in Registax software.

The key regions of sunspot activity can be compared & referenced with the SOHO Solar and Heliospheric Observatory white light image below as well as the more dramatic image at 310 Angstrom / Extreme Ultraviolet image at the bottom. This reveals far more activity and much higher temperatures than can be seen in the white light images. Indeed the brightest areas are in the region of between 60 80,000K in the 310 Angstrom image below.

Also of interest, Sunspot region 1731, studied & posted in last weekend’s blog entry has now travelled across of the face of the Sun from east to west and now resides as a lighter patch of faculae on the upper western limb and although apparently diminished at whitelight wavelength can be seen as a very bright / hot patch in the 310 Angstrom image below.

SOHO Imaage of the Sun 05th May 2013

Image Credit: NASA/SOHO

SOHO image taken at 310 Angstrom wavelength

SOHO image taken at 310 Angstrom wavelength

Image Credit: NASA/SOHO


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