Sunday in the Solar System part II

A few more images of the Moon from Sunday 09th March along with an accompanying tune:

Wallace and Mons Ampere region

Wallace and Mons Ampere region

Wallace is the remains of a crater that has been flooded by lava just to the left of centre in this image. It lies in the southeastern part of Mare Imbrium and is approximately 27km in diameter with the rim approximately 400 metres about the surrounding area. The mountains are the Mons Ampere range, some of which reach height of approximately 3000 metres and are thought to have formed about 3.5 billion years ago.

Ptolemaeus & Alphonsus

Ptolemaeus & Alphonsus

Ptolemaeus is the largest crater in the above image at approximately 150km in diameter and forms a lovely trio with Alphonsus centre and Arzachel bottom. Ptolemaeus is believed to have formed about 4 billion years ago and has a very flat lava filled floor with a single prominent craterlet Ammonius to the North East which itself is some 9km in diameter. Alphonsus is slightly smaller at 118km diameter and has a prominent central mountain caused by uplift that followed the impact at time of formation about 3.85 billion years ago. The steep perimeter walls rise to some 800m.

Plato & Montes Alpes

Plato & Montes Alpes

Plato is the large crater to the West lying in part shadow of the terminator. Plato is some 100km in diameter named after the 5th century BC greek Philosopher. The Lunar Alpes mountain region is also accentuated by the shadow and some of the peaks in this range extend to a height of 3600 metres. The Vallis Alpes is an immense 166 km long by 10km wide rille or lunar valley running South-West North-East with raised cliffs on each side with a flat lava filled surface.


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