Sunday in the Solar System

A couple of images from a brief observing session on Sunday 09th March.

First up is Jupiter which is high in the sky at the moment. Early evening 18:30-19:00.

The moon Io can be seen to the upper left and its shadow can be seen transiting across the face of the planet. The great red spot can also be seen.

Jupiter with IO in transit and GRS F20 - 090314 - 18

Next stop the Moon – The area below is in the southeast corner of Mare Nubium – Just below centre right is a neat little triple crater formation called Thebit , Thebit A lies across the rim of this crater and the rim of Thebit A is overlain in turn by the even smaller Thebit L. The largest of these little craters is just under 60km wide and 3km deep. Adjacent, to the left is is a 110-kilometer-long rille named Rupes Recta,  more commonly known as the Straight Wall which rises to a height 240 metres.

Moon - Thebit - 09.03