Jupiter 02.03.13

Jupiter 020313-vid3processed

Jupiter with the moons Europa to the upper right and Io to the lower left.

Jupiter 020313-4a Jupiter 020313-5 Jupiter 020313-6

All images taken on Saturday 02nd March 7-8pm from home in London using an Imaging Source DBK41AS camera & Meade Lx90 200mm SCT


Jupiter 02nd March 13

Jupiter 20 Jupiter 020313-2

First images of Jupiter this year.

Taken from home in London at about 19.45 on 02nd March. Atmospheric seeing very poor.

None the less the great red spot can be seen to the lower right, on the southern equitorial belt.  The GRS is approximately 40,000km across and is a storm that has been raging for about 300 years.

For comparison, the image below was taken by the Cassini space probe in 2000.


NASA/JPL/University of Arizona