The Sun today

White light images of the Sun today, taken from home this morning.

Images obtained using a 72mm refractor fitted with a Lunt Herschel wedge with polarising filter.

A 1 minute movie file recorded using an Imaging Source AS41 astronomy camera, fitted with an IR filter and then stacked and processed in Registax.

The Sun is 1.4 million km in diameter and about 150 million km away from Earth. It takes light from the Sun 8 minutes to reach us.

sun0003 13-04-28 10-35-25-process3final

sun0002 13-04-28 10-34-01processed3final

Close up of sun spot group 1731 below, imaged using the same technique but with a 2x power mate. The larger of the sunspots below is about the same diameter at the Earth.

sun0005 13-04-28 10-42-38-sun spot 1731 close up process final

Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) image below for comparison.

SOHO mdi_sunspots_1024

Credit: NASA